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    Sat 3 June 2017

    Rebecca Tantony's new one woman show

    All The Journeys I Never Took

    directed by Raquel Meseguer, designed by Synnove Fredericks and produced by Lucy English

    All The Journeys I Never Took is a personal account of what it’s like to discover our place in the world. A place which echoes with unravelling journeys, first dates, travel, break-ups, family and confidences. At turns both confessional and an exploration of current affairs, this show explores what a contemporary definition of home might be: something physical, a person, a concept best left behind or a destination to keep heading towards. Become the observer. Sit back. Absorb and enjoy the journey.

    Venue: Burdall's Yard


    Saturday 3rd June 2017

    Price: £8
    Doors open: 12:00  
    Start time: 12:00  
    Extra info: performances start at noon and in half an hour slots until 6pm
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    Venue access: Full wheelchair access

    Tickets available from:

    • Bath Spa Live


    This unique performance is for one or two audience members at a time throughout the day. For timings see; pre booking is essential. Suitable for audiences 16+