Fringe Call-Out and Open Meeting 2018

Bring your ideas to Bath Fringe 2018

With another year comes another edition of Bath Fringe Festival, and with another new year comes the traditional Bath Fringe Open Meeting for artists and venues and ideas and anyone else who wants to come.
It’s at Widcombe Social Club on Wednesday 24th January at 6pm.
We’ll be in the downstairs room (The Waterside Bar), but we’ll have a chance (if you don’t know the building) to nose around the upstairs venue too.

This meeting is for people with shows, events, and performance phenomena; with ideas for shows, etc.; with energy or ideas to put into collaborations or other people’s plans; with venues and other interesting spaces itching to be used; or just wanting to hear about how the Fringe works. Inasmuch as we will have much of an idea in January (when plans are only just starting to concretise) we can talk about how the Fringe works and any big ideas and developments we have for 2018.
What it officially isn’t is a visual artists meeting – this is because FAB Fringe Arts Bath our visual arts sister festival organises itself differently (see their website, but there will probably be a FAB person there with us too. If you’re uncertain which side of the festival you should be in, you should certainly read their website and think about how best to communicate with the people most likely to like what you’re doing – though as both programmes are in the same booklet you might be alright either way…

We should have our guide to venues for hire available around the same date (if not earlier); there are more hints, thoughts and information about putting a show into the Fringe on these pages (currently being updated):